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please note: this thread has been closed, as much of what has been discussed has been addressed. to help expedite more changes and improvements, please use the following thread: we've made a ton of changes and are continuing... Read More

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    can I ask why they big change?

    Was there a reason for it or what?

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    As many of you have noticed, we have been working very hard at tweaking and making changes based on user feedback.

    within the past 24 hours, we have made probably well over 50 changes based feedback so far It all takes time But we are looking into issues and concerns. We will continue to address issues as we can. Despite how large is, we are a very small operation

    We appreciate your patience and feedback.
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    Thank you for the changes so far Brian, it helps to know someone is listening to our concerns. If we can't have the old site back, can we have the same size avatars we had before, as well as the members info along with their posts - and most important to me, the colors need changing. Giving me a headache and eye strain.

    Thanks ever so much

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    I'm happy to see the speed and (most of) the formatting issues fixed. However (and I appear to be in a minority), the huge ad sidebar is still very distracting to me. I don't care if it's at the top or bottom, but a third of the screen is just too much for me.
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    I have been doing cases for the past 8 hours and just got back on and saw the changes. They are looking pretty good. I still think you should show a person's profile all the time without having to click on it. Things are looking up and I think the site will eventually be what everyone hoped it would be. Now I need to find something to eat!
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    It is cutesy, clunky and I feel like I am looking at a 13 year ols girls myspace page. The old site was cool and crisp and professional looking and easy to get around. so in two words about the new sucks
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    Agree that profile should be shown as before without having to click on the name. Otherwise, good job on the tweaks so far. Keep it up!
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    Quote from nrskarenrn
    last time we upgraded site, had same nashing of teeth and wailing.... but everyone adjusted.

    have any of you viewed the video????

    quick video tutorial on redesign

    or checked out what happened to.... how do i find?

    your withdrawal will be lessoned upon viewing

    we are listening to your suggestions and will be tweeking settings to make this a more enjoyable bb.
    we shouldn't need a video to learn to use the interface....i didn't need a video to learn to use the last one. this is a web forum, not a nuclear power plant....the design should be intuitive. i have enough procedure videos to learn for school, i certainly don't need one for my de-stressing activity.

    i am so disappointed in this site. i couldn't even find this forum to post until today (i posted in some admin/helpdesk area....still haven't seen any response to that...maybe no one else could find it?).

    the new format is disorganized, has to big a font that adds in the difficulty of reading a forum, has to many colorful geegaws (thanks badges and so forth), requires me to click far to many times and just plain makes me want to close the window and go somewhere else. i'm really going to miss allnurses....but i'm not going to frequent a forum that just increases my annoyance and stress level.

    the mods keep stating that they're looking for specific specific feedback is to go back to the old version. if you tweaked all the things mentioned here, that's just what you would end up with....what we had last week.

    oh and for the record, i'm not anti-change....i thrive on change, i'm a beta-tester for microsoft, and in a career change from technology to nursing. i love the newest whiz-bang techie improvement! but this upgrade does not fall into that category at all.
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    Quote from Tweety

    I know it seems like the majority hate it, but if you look carefully many people are willing to give it some time, or are letting us know which features they don't like. There are over 200 memebers online right this very moment and all 200 of them aren't saying they hate it. The over 1000 memebers who checked in yesterday didn't all say they hated it. Some of us are o.k. with it, or at least neutral and don't hate it passionately. Some of us are going to sit back and wait and see how it all plays out before quitting. But yes, some hate it so much they are going to quit and demand their money back.
    But I wonder how many of them will just quietly go away and never come back. Most dissatisfied customers don't complain, they just leave.

    The numbers will tell in the future....although I think they will be skewed. It take so much longer to find anything on the new site (not a speed issue, but a design one) that folks will be on the site longer, but accomplishing less <sigh>
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    I guess we'll get used to it but when Nursing Spectrum changed their format, they had a tremendous number of kinks to work out and it was totally frustrating and now I think it's shut down. As some above have said, why change something that was working?

    I do appreciate the work you've put into the change and appreciate that you are working out the kinks. I'm sure it will all be fine. Just, like so many people, I don't do change well and I"m not sure why change was needed.
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