Results of our Transcultural Nursing Experiences Article Contest 6th

  1. 0 congrats and thanks to everyone who submitted their articles for our article contest - transcultural nursing experiences. they were all great! keep them coming!

    the following authors are the winners of our 7th article contest!

    article winners

    1. $300: how my instructor affected my life by raekaylvn
    2. $150: day one in the life of a nursing student by machonurse2b
    3. $100: suicide on the ward by nzpn


    all winners are automatically awarded platinum membership for 12 months. existing [color=#1750ff]platinum member winners have their membership extended for 12 months. (a $60 value)

    stay tuned, we will be announcing our next article contest soon!

    if you would like to make suggestions for future contest, please do so here: member suggestions wanted for article contest
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    Congrats to the 3 Winners! I really enjoyed Suicide on The Ward firstly, Day One in the Life of a Nursing Student and then How my Instructor Affected my Life lastly. They were all good! I am a 23 year Vet working as a School Nurse and it brought back old hospital memories. Writing potential for sure!

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