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Results of 2nd Nursing Article Contest

  1. 1 i am pleased to announce the winners of our 2nd nursing article contest!

    1st place: $300 in bed with dying patient by interleukin

    2nd place: $150 the last bag of pretzels by irish339

    3rd place: $100 full circle, my first year of nursing by weebabyrn

    congrats and thanks to everyone who submitted their articles! they all were great! keep them coming!

    also, all winners have automatically been upgraded to platinum membership for 12 months, or extended their current membership 12 months. (a $60 value)

    we will be announcing our next contest soon!
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    to all the winners
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    Congrats to the winners!!
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    Dear Brian,

    Thank you so much for choosing my article. Your venue of free-flowing ideas without the constraints, dictates or restrictions of typical journal publishing allows for wonderful exchanges and excellent potential for enlightenment on an enormous number of issues which affect nurses in so many concentrations.

    Thank you again and keep the faith,


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    I would like to say thank you for choosing my article. :spin: This is such a wonderful forum with such fantastic company. Nurses really are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    BRAVO to the three winners! With all the blah blah blah about "critical thinking" in nursing school, interluekin's work with a grieving family member spells it out - sometimes the right thing to do isn't in any text book!
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    Congratulations to the winners! I also want to congratulate anyone else who entered, that's a big deal! (One I hope to achieve one of these times!!!)
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    Cheers to all the winners this time around!!!
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    GREAT JOB! And CONGRATS to the winners - all the articles were truly heart warming! :luvnltr:

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    Wonderful, but what else could you expect from the most wonderful most dedicated and most intelligent people in the entire world?
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    Excellent choices

    Congratulations to the winners!
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    Congrats everyone!!!!!!