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    i guess the visitors names are not showing up? or am i not looking in the right spot?
    i've had 9 visitors, but there are no names listed to say who was checking up on me :chuckle

    another option that i would love to have would be an option to block members from viewing my posts.
    over the years (and i have to say, mostly within the past 6 months), i have encountered a few members that seem to enjoy replying to my posts only to argue, antagonize and disagree with me.
    it's weird.
    they are no help to me and zero help to the thread/topic. so, i can place them on my ignore list and i could have the ability to block them from reading my posts.
    they never, ever a like what i have to say anyway and they make it very clear with their one-liners and condescending replies, so, i am doing them a favor. :d

    ps to add, i love different opinions and opposing povs and i understand that people will disagree, but when there is an obvious pattern to be seen, there is no reason that these members should be reading what i have to say.

    thanks for listening! :d
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    this thread is closed. please post comments regarding 12/08 bb redesign here:

    redesign feedback forum / bugs

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