redesign - sneak peak video - page 5

In about a week, we will be launching the next generation of :) There are several fun and exciting changes in store, here is a short 4 min video highlighting just a few of the changes. Grab a snack and enjoy! ... Read More

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    I just signed on to this website and so far I think it is AWESOME! Thank you for ALL the great stuff and information!

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    You have put so much work into the new redesign. It appears to much more user friendly.
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    Looks better and better!
    Seems user-friendly.
    I like the all-in-one Profile Page and its areas (comments, friends, faves, etc).

    Nice job!
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    I suggest a mobile version
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    Great job Brian I luv the new look I can't wait
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    we currently have a mobile version and I am sure that may be revised as well in the future as well.
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    It looks amazing Brian!
    Thank you and great work!
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    Ok,..... Brian....look forward to the new "look".....
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    Looks great, Brian! Can't wait to check it out when it's up & running smoothly!! :heartbeat
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    Just want to mention that some of us old fahts are on dial-up ... takes forever to load a video and even then I see only a few split seconds at a time. Don't even have speakers! Still ... from the feedback here, I'm looking forward to seeing what all the excitement is about!

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