redesign - sneak peak video - page 4

In about a week, we will be launching the next generation of :) There are several fun and exciting changes in store, here is a short 4 min video highlighting just a few of the changes. Grab a snack and enjoy! ... Read More

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    Looks great Brian, thanks!
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    these are alot of the features found on other forums to which i belong. mostly they are good. a few aren't really worth having. i'm not sure i understand having a membership fee? will that increase now that you're updating?
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    Dirkje45, is free and will always remain free. Our upgraded memberships are completely optional. You can compare the free registered account to the upgraded perks for the optional memberships here: Upgrade Membership Thx
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    For the most part it looks good.

    I hope that the 'last 24 hours' doesn't get forgotten, since this is what I most frequently use. Going to the individual forums has gotten more difficult since the last change and the 24 hour 'recap' makes a visit here more real time.

    Also, I agree with the others who voiced concerns over the privacy issue on the profile page; and, with finding the chat room valuable. I do understand the reasoning you gave for discontinuing the chat room; but, can't a modified version of it be considered, maybe a 'upon request' blockage of time for pre approved members?
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    I'm EXCITED! :-) I think I'm addicted to AN!
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    Great upgrade! It's gonna be fun, now I'm really not gonna get anything done on my days off. He He
    Have a Very Merry Christmas. Connee
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    Thanks for all the hard work. Looks wonderful and time saving that as a RN student and single Mom is a must.
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    I'm scared of new things. And what happens if nobody wants to be my friend?
    I love allnurses though so I will adjust.
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    Looks like I will be back more often now, great idea!
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