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redesign - sneak peak video - page 3

In about a week, we will be launching the next generation of :) There are several fun and exciting changes in store, here is a short 4 min video highlighting just a few of the... Read More

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    its nice we can have chat room avaliale to members so we can talk to fellow nursesand soon to be nurses. please brian!!!lsebeg:lsebeg:lsebeg:lsebeg:
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    Bless you! :wshgrt:
    These poor old ageing eyes will certainly appreciate the larger font!

    I second Leslie's sentiments re the visitors to a profile page. The idea of that makes me a tad uncomfortable too I have to say. Don't totally know why, just something about that doesn't sit well with me.

    Otherwise .... GREAT changes!

    Thank you one and all!

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    Thanks so much for all the feedback, I am glad to hear you are all excited to see the changes as well as I am

    Chatroom: I don't think we will be bringing the chat room back, there were too many issues involved with it and it was difficult to monitor and in reality really didn't get used that much. However, I understand the few who did use it, enjoyed it.
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    Great, how about a link to the CDC? Do the changes in nursing news mean you will no longer need members to post articles?
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    Looks great Brian, thanks!
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    these are alot of the features found on other forums to which i belong. mostly they are good. a few aren't really worth having. i'm not sure i understand having a membership fee? will that increase now that you're updating?
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    Dirkje45, is free and will always remain free. Our upgraded memberships are completely optional. You can compare the free registered account to the upgraded perks for the optional memberships here: Upgrade Membership Thx
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    For the most part it looks good.

    I hope that the 'last 24 hours' doesn't get forgotten, since this is what I most frequently use. Going to the individual forums has gotten more difficult since the last change and the 24 hour 'recap' makes a visit here more real time.

    Also, I agree with the others who voiced concerns over the privacy issue on the profile page; and, with finding the chat room valuable. I do understand the reasoning you gave for discontinuing the chat room; but, can't a modified version of it be considered, maybe a 'upon request' blockage of time for pre approved members?
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    I'm EXCITED! :-) I think I'm addicted to AN!
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    Great upgrade! It's gonna be fun, now I'm really not gonna get anything done on my days off. He He
    Have a Very Merry Christmas. Connee
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    Thanks for all the hard work. Looks wonderful and time saving that as a RN student and single Mom is a must.
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    I'm scared of new things. And what happens if nobody wants to be my friend?
    I love allnurses though so I will adjust.
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    Looks like I will be back more often now, great idea!