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    please note that we have changed our private messaging options. members now need to have 15 meaningful public board posts in order to use our private message (pm) system and/or sending emails from member's profiles.

    this was implemented to decrease the likelihood of people abusing our policy and soliciting members. if you get any pms that are soliciting in nature, please report them using the icon in your pm. thanks

    if you wish, you can upgrade your membership and get access to send pms/emails right away.

    thanks for your understanding.
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    Good idea. I know I was "spammed" with PM's not too long ago, asking some odd questions by people who had no posts or maybe 1 post at most.
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    Now this is the most important war of all! Forget Terror or Drugs. The War on Spam must continue! :LOL:
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    Thanks for the notice
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    thanks for the info
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    Oh Okay, now i get it. I thought there was something wrong with my computer
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    o.k. thanx for leting us know
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    Great! Thanks for the info!
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    Thank you - I thought something was wrong with my computer too. I was private messaging dolphn545 and now can't find her so if anyone sees her, please tell her too please get in touch with me. Thanks :-)
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to get PM privilages before the 15 posts? I'm several shy, but I'm a real nursing student and have really been involved in conversations with others through PM.
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