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Private Messages available after 15 post - page 4

please note that we have changed our private messaging options. members now need to have 15 meaningful public board posts in order to use our private message (pm) system and/or sending emails from... Read More

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    So Sorry, I got to anxious to read the messages coming in to me. I will comply......Thanks for the reminder.
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    thank u
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    absolutely, thanks for letting us know!
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    Thank you for the information.
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    It would be nice to add the ability to reply to a PM, without initiating new ones. I was confused trying to reply to someone, and accidentally clicked the 'delete' button. =(
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    thanks. this is a good idea and very helpful to me.
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    Great!It is a good management!
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    thx for the info.
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    great. thanks
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    Thanks for the information.
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    Thanks so much...I was wondering why I couldn't see this option.
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    wow! thats good! i thought you have to post 15 meaningful articles? w
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    What does that mean that I have to send 15 messages to different persons before I can use the pm?In this messages are included the messages that the others send to you or only the ones you send?