Private Messages available after 15 post - page 3

please note that we have changed our private messaging options. members now need to have 15 meaningful public board posts in order to use our private message (pm) system and/or sending emails from member's profiles. this was... Read More

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    Thanks that makes it easier now

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    I was wonder why I couldn't post. Didn't see this sticky
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    thank you for the information...
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    thanks for the info!
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    cool Deal
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    thanks for leting us know the information!!
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    thanks for this info.
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    Thanks for looking out for us!
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    Thanks this counts as number 1 since I just joined.
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    this forum has a broad range of topics. if you search around, i'm sure you will find something of interest to you and you'll have your 15 posts in no time!

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