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please note that we have changed our private messaging options. members now need to have 15 meaningful public board posts in order to use our private message (pm) system and/or sending emails from... Read More

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    thanks for this info.
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    Thanks for looking out for us!
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    Thanks this counts as number 1 since I just joined.
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    this forum has a broad range of topics. if you search around, i'm sure you will find something of interest to you and you'll have your 15 posts in no time!
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    thanks for the information..
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    ohhhh! thanks! I was wondering about that.
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    Thank you for letting us know
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    I'm new here and need all the info I can get. This seems like a great site
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    Thank you for the updated information regarding PM's.
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    thanks for letting us know... I hopefully will be able to PM now (15th post!)
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    since im a newbie here funny but i rily dont know on how can i send PMs,..but now atleast i already know how..
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    Thanks for the info
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    While I appreciate you wish to have 15 posts on the board so that you may use the email and PM facilities we respectfully ask that you post meaningful posts in answer to topics on the board to show that you will be a member in good standing on the board.Please read the TOS of this board and you will see that duplicate postings are not allowed.
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