Please be patient - we are working out the kinks

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    As with any upgrade or redesign, there are known problems and bugs. We will be working hard at fixing things and also working hard at reviewing all the feedback. We have always taken feedback seriously in the past and will continue to listen to your feedback.

    As many of you mentioned already, change is hard to handle, and this is a drastic change. I think that once we are done tweaking and improving things, and you get used to where things are, you will feel more comfortable. Once I get some rest, I plan on making some more detailed videos with the changes to hopefully make the transition smoother.

    Please keep the feedback coming and thank you for your patience why we are ironing out the kinks.

    (Sorry I accidentally posted with my test account platiunum user a few minutes ago (need sleep )
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    Quote from brian
    (Sorry I accidentally posted with my test account platiunum user a few minutes ago (need sleep )
    ah, that explains it.
    you must've seen me with my eyebrow raised, arms crossed, foot tapping, wondering who the heck this 'platinum user' was.:chuckle

    don't do that to me.
    i'm lost enough as it is.

    ok, moving on...

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    haha.. get some sleep, Brian.. we know you've been up for waaaaaaaaaay too long !

    Don't be disheartened by the "not so delighted" responses, including mine. As you say, change is hard, and there are some things that hopefully can still be tweaked. But for now.. get some sleep !!!

    We'll still all be here when you wake.. we won't have all run away in disgust or anything. :chuckle :uhoh21:

    And there ARE some positives to the change.. like this huge reply box I'm typing on right now. Nice.

    And we so appreciate all your hard work and your constant desire to improve things. Now go nite-nite.
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    PLEASE, PLEASE put back the old one!!!!!!! Then you wouldn't have to deal with all these problems!!
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    i'm very confident that perspectives will be drastically changed in another week.
    and, those who truly love an's, will never leave.

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    Just wondering, why was the format changed in the first place? Whose idea was it? Did any of the members complain of the previous layout? I think not, but now I think they will - excuse me, they already are. I can't even access the student forum or the distance learning forums. Not good for me, not good at all. It seems that more members are definitely against this new set up than for it. Please listen to the members opinions and take into consideration.
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    i could get used to the layout as i'm using it more it's not that bad.

    there is one thing, though:

    is there anyway you could incorporate the person's age/experience/nursing specialty back into posts? i always liked knowing that sort of stuff when reading people's posts..i don't want to have to go to their profile page (if it's even there now) to know that stuff. work order-- done. nrskarenrn

    other than that, it's pretty.
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    Quote from bsn2b09
    I can't even access the student forum or the distance learning forums.
    did you click on the 'students' tab on top of the page?
    distance learning is there as well.

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    I can't use the thanks button. Is that a normal bug in this new design? It says I dont' have permission to access that feature. Is it now a platnium thing?

    I also don't like how I can't see people's experience and information (without clicking to another page which takes an eon and a half to load). Not a big fan of the re-design at all.
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    none of the tabs are labeled at the top of the screen!
    i can't navigate to specialities section, which is my nursing life blood!
    omg ..........

    please put the labels on the yellow tabs so i can see what i am clicking.

    forums are labeled at top of page ---specialty is on the far right. nrskarenrn