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As with any upgrade or redesign, there are known problems and bugs. We will be working hard at fixing things and also working hard at reviewing all the feedback. We have always taken feedback seriously in the past and will... Read More

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    def. don't like the changes so far. there was such a comfort with the old post. now i don't know what the heck is going on.

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    Quote from SuesquatchRN
    DeeDawnTee, as a systems person, I can tell you that without paying a buttload of money for a test server and a team of gemlins to test, this IS the only way to do it without taking the site off-line for a week. And that, we don't want.
    Yes, you are right...I'm sorry. I guess I was responding more to the frustration at my facility with EPIC updates. Where I multi-million dollar system is updated with huge issues. As an ICU nurse, I need to be helping my patients and not dinking around with flaws....

    Sorry I overreacted. I just love this site soooo much....

    Accept my apology.
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    I must admit that although I'm not crazy about the new design and I think there still needs to be a lot of work done on it I can see and appreciate the what changes Brian and the staff have made to it to make it more user friendly based upon the users suggestions. I'm definitely not in love with it or anything but it is getting slightly easier to use which I like. Thanks for listening to us and trying to work with what we have asked to make the site even better. Just hold on everyone and I know we can get past this change.


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