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new logo - allnurses

  1. 2 just thought i'd let you all know we have a new logo:

    updated logo 4-2-08 with yellow .com

    i hope you like it!

    please feel free to comment
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    I like it, Brian...simple and concise.

    (But to be honest, now I find myself trying to remember what the previous one looked like! Oops...:icon_roll)
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    I like it.
    Liked the other one too.
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    I like the wording a lot, Brian, but I do miss the old logo. Is there anyway you can combine both of them?
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    I love AN and the wording is great, but I liked the old font better. Personal preferences vary though, so I guess it doesn't really matter (as long as AN is up and running).

    You do a great job with the site Brian.
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    it's actually the same font - we just dropped the ".com" and removed the slanted characters and yellow halo
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    I like that you dropped the dot com and I like the new tag line, but I liked the yellow halo. It just seemed to give it a little more of a punch and made it more recognizable as a distinctive logo.
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    I like the change - simple, professional and to the point. And it works well with the other colour options now available.
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    Ok I'm gonna be a stick in the mud. I liked the old logo better. I liked the .com I do like the "where nurses come together" but I miss the yellow halo.
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    I liked the old one better for the color, and for the fact that .com told you immediately we were talking about a website, and where to find it. I imagine confusion as to what you are promoting with the new logo.
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    Quote from tnbutterfly
    I like that you dropped the dot com and I like the new tag line, but I liked the yellow halo. It just seemed to give it a little more of a punch and made it more recognizable as a distinctive logo.

    I think the previous logo was distinctive and had a branding effect. The new logo is too generic and lacking in distinction. I don't think it's memorable.

    Also, my marketing background taught me that yellow is one of the most effective colors regarding branding and memorability. Yellow 'burns' into consumers' minds more effectively. (Unless you are selling pharmaceuticals...then it's purple. Red for restaurants, etc.)

    Here's an interesting article from Entrepreneur magazine:
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    I took a visual media art class, and I'm just thinking out loud. We had to learn to analyze visual media, break down the components, and learn what the effect is on the viewer.

    The old logo used perspective and foreshortening with the logo larger and closer at the bottom than the top. This has the effect of catching attention, and drawing the viewer's eyes in. Here's a link about foreshortening and perspective:

    The yellow/gold circle has all the psychological impact of yellow/gold, plus the circle draws the viewer's eyes from the bottom, around clockwise, and to the top back. Combined with the print appearing closer/bigger at the bottom, this draws the viewer into the logo, and by default into the website.

    In contrast, the new logo doesn't have a focal point, and it's plain, so it doesn't draw the viewer's eyes in.

    Maybe an art major will come along and say if I'm on track or not?
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    I prefer the old one too. Just because. LOL!