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    just thought i'd let you all know we have a new logo:

    updated logo 4-2-08 with yellow .com

    i hope you like it!

    please feel free to comment
    Last edit by brian on Apr 2, '08
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    I like it, Brian...simple and concise.

    (But to be honest, now I find myself trying to remember what the previous one looked like! Oops...:icon_roll)
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    I like it.
    Liked the other one too.
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    I like the wording a lot, Brian, but I do miss the old logo. Is there anyway you can combine both of them?
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    I love AN and the wording is great, but I liked the old font better. Personal preferences vary though, so I guess it doesn't really matter (as long as AN is up and running).

    You do a great job with the site Brian.
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    it's actually the same font - we just dropped the ".com" and removed the slanted characters and yellow halo
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    I like that you dropped the dot com and I like the new tag line, but I liked the yellow halo. It just seemed to give it a little more of a punch and made it more recognizable as a distinctive logo.
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    I like the change - simple, professional and to the point. And it works well with the other colour options now available.
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    Ok I'm gonna be a stick in the mud. I liked the old logo better. I liked the .com I do like the "where nurses come together" but I miss the yellow halo.
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    I liked the old one better for the color, and for the fact that .com told you immediately we were talking about a website, and where to find it. I imagine confusion as to what you are promoting with the new logo.
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