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just thought i'd let you all know we have a new logo: updated logo 4-2-08 with yellow .com i hope you like it! please feel free to comment :)... Read More

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    Have to say that I like the old one better. Got used to it.

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    The old one... the yellow circle around allnurses was very distinctive.
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    not sure about the tag-line - 'where nurses come together' - to do what?

    It also has a slightly sexual meaning too.....

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    To be completely honest Brian, I liked the old logo the best too. You know, the halo? It made the website very distinctive, and made it stand out from others. Can we have it back, and just not have all this extra design?

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    what logo?:chuckle
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    <-----new logo

    old logo
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    Is there any way you could make the .com change color to match the themes on the site? Other than that I like it.
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    its cute..
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    Can you just put the halo around the A? I think that would really enhance it.
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    Lately since its summer and the feeling that I don't have to go back to high school I've had a lot of time on my hands. I thought I'd present allnurses a more modern logo. Let me know what you guys think.

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