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just thought i'd let you all know we have a new logo: updated logo 4-2-08 with yellow .com i hope you like it! please feel free to comment :)... Read More

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    Believe it or not, I just noticed it now.

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    nice 1...
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    Maybe add a nursing cap?
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    Well done, i like it..
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    The old one had a more feminine vibe, the new one masculine.

    Hate to be gross here...but when I saw the motto or whatever it is called, "when nurses come together" brings to mind something else altogether...oooppps. So, sorry to say, don't like it.

    Would prefer: where nurses connect.
    Last edit by deeDawntee on May 3, '08
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    I'm late posting my opinion, but better late than never.
    I have to say, I prefer the old logo.
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    i ilke it .. congratulations ..
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    Do you have any t-shirts, ball caps, bumper stickers, or coffee mugs available with the logo?
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    Even though the new logo is much better, may I suggest the "allnurses" be underlined in the gold also if that's possible? I believe that would even enhance its beauty all that much more.

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    Actually, I didn't notice.

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