New Forum: Natural Disasters - Worldwide

  1. In the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, there is now a new Natural Disasters - Worldwide located in AN Central. Come here to discuss news reports, donations, survivor stories, and any other matters that are not nursing-specific in nature.

    For nursing concerns relating to disasters--volunteering as a nurse, credential/licensing issues in another state or country, medical documentation/immunizations required for volunteers, etc.--please visit the Volunteer Nursing Forum on the side.

    Please, keep these sites in mind for current and any future catastrophic events.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    Thanks Brian.

    I heard another quake hit Haiti in todays news. So terribly terribly tragic.

    Continued thoughts and prayers for all affected by this tragedy, and also for the brave volunteers and other rescue personnel who are doing all they can to help.

    Appeals for donations have opened here in Australia and as always, Aussies are responding generously. In times such as this, the world needs to come together as one.

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