New feature: buttons to use in your posts

  1. 0 [BANANA]Please discuss this announcement in this thread. [/BANANA]
    You will now see some new buttons In the editor window where you compose/edit your messages. (see attachments for more details) Enjoy!

    Here are the new buttons in action:

    [s]I Love![/s]

    [evil] is the best nursing site in the world![/evil]

    [mouse] rocks![/mouse]

    [banana]Bannanas love too [/banana]

    Google link:[google][/google]

    Wikipedia link: [wiki][/wiki]
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    [banana]love the new feature, brian. thanks so much. [/banana]
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    [BANANA]very cool![/BANANA]
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    [banana]Thanks! I love the new ways to express ourselves! [/banana]
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    [S]Oh [EVIL]Brian[MOUSE]More [BANANA]Buttttons!!![/BANANA][/MOUSE][/EVIL][/S]
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    [BANANA]Way Cool[/BANANA]
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    [S]I love all the Buttons[/S]
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    [MOUSE]I loooooooove new buttons!!!!![/MOUSE]
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    [MOUSE]just peeking in[/MOUSE]

    [BANANA]love monkeying around in here[/BANANA]

    Brian, what will you think of next?
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    [BANANA]These are fun[/BANANA]
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    [BANANA]Nice job Brian[/BANANA] [S]yahooo for the buttons[/S]

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