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New Apple/Android allnurses App Now Available - page 3

I am pleased to announce our latest allnurses app for Apple (iOS/iPhone/iPad) and Android users. Please download/install... iOS (Apple App Store): ... Read More

  1. Visit  HappyWife77 profile page
    Love it!
  2. Visit  edmia profile page
    Ok. I like the new interphase. I guess I will get used to the ads, but reconsider them. They are very intrusive.
  3. Visit  JustBeachyNurse profile page
    Still getting the online dating pop up ads every time I use the menu function. The "X" is so small it's difficult to find and the Zoosk ads crash the app 80% of the timr
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    Quote from HappyWife77
    How does one start a new thread with the Android app?
    You press on the ellipsis at the upper right hand corner of the green banner on any area you are in for more options including new topic.
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    allnurses would love your feedback on the new allnurses mobile app!

    We are looking to get feedback from users who are using the new allnurses mobile app.

    Please leave feedback @ Mobile Feedback Form
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  6. Visit  Ms.Tshep profile page
    i love it, thanks!!!!!!!! =-).
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    I am downloading it now, this is great to be able to read and get support on the go
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  8. Visit  Helaine401 profile page
    Am I the only person with a Windows phone? So many apps only for Iphone and Google
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  9. Visit  sky7 profile page
    Thanks for this
  10. Visit  Miiki profile page
    The app keeps crashing on my iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.1. This started about 1-2 weeks ago. The app usually crashes about 10 seconds after opening. It doesn't matter whether I stay on the same page or click on a thread.
  11. Visit  blondy2061h profile page
    Have an optional in app purchase to remove ads.
  12. Visit  A&Ox6 profile page
    I recently switched from my Android to a Windows phone. I love the phone, the camera, and the interface, but no Allnurses? Cn you help me, please?
  13. Visit  NanaPoo profile page
    Weird, but I just got a new iPhone 6SE last week. Since then I am not able to find the Allnurse app on iTunes. It literally doesn't exist now, even though I was on the allnurses app the previous day on my old iPhone 5. What gives?

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