Member Suggestions Wanted for Article contest - page 6

We've had several great article contest (see previous winners), and for our next contest, I'd love to hear from you to see what nursing theme(s) you would like to see. Here are previous themes... Read More

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    I just thought of another one - something like when a nurse was reunited with one of her former patients or something along those lines.

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    As we look back on our nursing experiences, which could only be one year or more we could write a book. I have watched ER, Grey's Anatomy and feel that any of us could have colaborated writing some of those scripts. We have all had unique nursing experiences and any one of the suggestions would be an enjoyable read. These stories involve people. Each person that has crossed our paths is unique so the story will be unique and told in a subjective manner. I am anxiously awaiting some stories.
    To those that have the writting muses I admire you to be able to tell a nursing tale.
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    That is a really cool idea! I am going to become a nurse (so I don't have any stories), but I think others should do that!
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    topic: Why I became a nurse
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    Workplace Hostility: When Nurses turn on Nurses

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