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We've had several great article contest (see previous winners), and for our next contest, I'd love to hear from you to see what nursing theme(s) you would like to see. Here are previous themes... Read More

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    This has been mentioned before- but why are you in the specialty you're in? What keep you there coming back shift after shift? Being in oncology nearly 26 years, I'm biased and think this is a very special population. Kind of goes with the "write about a patient or family and situation that impacted/changed/moved/motivated you."
    Thanks Brian- I'm including "All Nurses" on the syllabus this year for my med surg students in the fall.
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    I like a lot of the ideas presented here, they are relevent and educational. I have a great deal of sympathy for those of you who have to try and decide.

    As for the previous Articles, I have learnt and felt so much from the ones I have read. The simple imagery with such powerfull messages has taught me more than University ever could, I thank everyone for sharing in this way.
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    How about ways to deal with anger/bad behavior of a.) patients b.) nurses c.) family members d.) physicians e.) management f.) ancillary staff

    As a new graduate, I was amazed at the way any of the above responded to me in anger. I was not prepared to deal with any of them and reacted by being hurt, wounded. It took years to gain enough experience/confidence to effectively cope.

    Most of us do not expect to encounter "bad behavior" in stressful situations. It can provide stress that prevents us from wanting to return to work. How do we react in situations to prevent "enabling" the behavior to continue? We could share our experiences of EFFECTIVELY defusing situations and learn from each other.
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    HOW ABOUT: The longest shift you ever worked? Maybe due to being snowbound, or during a hurricane. OR something that happened when you were off duty (especially on vacation) and had to use your nursing skills?
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    I would like to see something regarding the insipiration you received or lesson learned from a patient. Something sappy!

    Laura RN
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    hi everybody, i would like to suggest that we should have an article in connection with bioethical issue that affects nurses' decision in providing quality care; that will also bring guidance and teach us a lesson. thank you.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Please keep this thread going as we will use it for future article contest.

    As someone already mentioned, some of the ideas posted here would make better threads or polls, than Article Contest Themes.

    Your feedback is greatly appreciated! Again, please keep the ideas coming!
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    I would like to see an article about creative staffing in the current nursing shortage. I would also be interested in recruitment and retention suggestions when money isn't an option. I work for a small rural hospital and we are very short staffed in all units. Patty
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    Standard of care, I think and agree would be a good topic. Nursing staff taking pride in their job and heart with the patients.
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    Please lets do a article on post traumatic stress. what it is and support groups and how it affects family and spouses and how we can offer support as nurses. This thing is huge the more I learn the more interesting it becomes it is a family breaker and is so sad for our military people who get out and have to deal after combat or injury. we all need to know more about it for our jobs and our friends and our lives.
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