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We've had several great article contest (see previous winners), and for our next contest, I'd love to hear from you to see what nursing theme(s) you would like to see. Here are previous themes we've done already: Critical... Read More

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    For purely selfish reasons....:wink2: article about successful re-entry into nursing practice after being out for more than 5 years. I need guidance!


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    Please explain why state board exams are necessary and not just an interview along with certificates. I dislike exams.
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    I like "how nursing has changed us", "patient who has changed us", what's happened to nursing standards. I'd also like something on how we as nursing professionals can help each other know, stop "eating our young"???
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    also, i would like to read about falling into romantic love with one of our patients? its a could we deal with it? :redpinkhe

    what is you are a black, and you were tasked to deal with a racist patient???

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    Quote from nurse430+yrs
    Suggested topic:

    What does Evidence Based Practice mean to you as nurse and how do you implement it in your nursing practice?

    I'd be interested in that topic, too.
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    1. A topic on why we chose our particular specialties, or job roles might produce some good articles.

    2. How our view of the nursing profession has changed since the day we started nursing school could be interesting. People at different stages of their careers would produce very different articles and viewpoints.

    3. Our hopes and dreams either for ouselves as nurses -- or for the profession as a whole.
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    It would be great to have the three winners all about long term care nursing; the challenges in nursing care of the person with multiple diagnoses; the chronically ill patient; or certain populations, ie, sickle cell crisis patients; gender issues (transgender pts., lesbian health care, etc).
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    What would a nursing led healthcare system look like?
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    Maybe its just me but a lot of these ideas seem like great discussion topics but I am not sure if they would make great articles or not. A few ideas I had that would allow for a few more applications would be.

    - What inspired you to become a nurse.

    - The trials and tribulations of nursing school.

    - A patient that changed your life or how you think about nursing.

    I really like the "What inspired you to become a nurse" prompt because it lets you tell a story and sure you will get some of those "I wanted to help people" kind of stories but I think you will also get some really inspiring stories that remind people why they are getting into or have been in this profession.

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    i hope the articles for the contest will be focused:

    obtaining scholarships for Masters degree related to nursing

    operating room nurses
    oncology nurses

    i believe we can get good stories from them.

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