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We've had several great article contest (see previous winners), and for our next contest, I'd love to hear from you to see what nursing theme(s) you would like to see. Here are previous themes we've done already: Critical... Read More

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    Hey Brian,

    Just for fun, as nurses we see things a little different from our supervisor and higher ups. I'd like to know what would a nurse do to make their work environment more user friendly, like no more concrete floors or rooms that are big enough. If a nurse could create their ideal work environment, what would it be? Bathroom Breaks?

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    Hi, I would like to see more articles about how nurses develop self-awareness and the impact it has on their nursing practice.
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    I would like to suggest the impact certain policies that actually get in the way of patient care (especially long term care settings); what, if anything, we can do about it.:typing
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    I'd like to know how to manage taking care of myself and my patients at the same time.
    I'd also like to hear about international nurses' experiences.
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    I would like to know everyone's opinion on new grads working in specilaized areas IE the ICU or ER. In my experience most new grads are not able to think critacally and see the whole picture. I have been a nurse for close to 15 years and when I was a new grad I know there was no way that I could have or felt comfortable working in the ICU. I'm not sure, but are they the only ones applying for the jobs? If so why aren't hospitals offering more to experienced nurses to join their team?
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    I think topics such as "what makes you keep coming back to work" despite healthcare issues would be inspiring. Also sharing advice never hurts... could be about dealing with difficult people/ patients, coworkers or anyother frequently discussed topic. I think everyone could use a ideas to improve the workplace
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    Why and How travel nurses decided to stay permanent.
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    Suggested topic:

    What does Evidence Based Practice mean to you as nurse and how do you implement it in your nursing practice?
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    2nd suggestion for topic:

    Should Continuing Education for Nurses be mandatory in all states? If so, why? If not, why not?

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    how about an article of what nursing students should expect on their first day of clinical experience and how a staff could help these students to adjust?

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