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    It took time putting this together. How helpful is it? Would you like to see more How-To pages like this?

    What is an article? That might seem rather basic, but judging from the submissions we receive, the definition isn't clear to everyone. For our purposes, an article is a story or an essay based on truth and told in your own words (no plagiarism, please). It can be an account of an interesting person, a moving experience, an idea that might solve a problem, or something you learned and would like to share with others.

    How to write a successful article for
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I like this! It's big, bright, and visually appealing....I also like the samples and the comments.
  4. by   tnbutterfly
    Great job, Joe!!
  5. by   fetch
    What differentiates an article from a regular post?
  6. by   Joe V
    Articles, journals, reviews, cartoons, photos, comments, replies, threads, topics, etc are all CONTENT. Content absorbed by our readers. Content created by our readers.

    We give authors a choice. How CONTENT is displayed is up to them. We leave it up to the individual authors.

    We made a choice to format CONTENT differently based on how they are perceived by the author or how the author wants people to identify it. This makes it easy to find. This makes it easy to read.

    For example, when labeled as an "Article" their copy will be made available to readers separately in their own profile page and on the main page. This makes it easy for the author to create an online identity.

    Many of our readers are interested in articles only. While others are interested in "regular posts". Some like both. Our job is to make sure there is something for EVERYONE. Something for the whole WORLD...


    Articles are reviewed by staff before going public. Chat txt, 500 word limit, grammar, punctuation, are some of the reasons CONTENT may not be approved as an article. We are not English teachers so we are not looking for perfection. But, we do want to make sure that our readers can follow it. That our readers will enjoy it.

    For a lot of authors, they just want their message to stand out. As an "article" it's guaranteed to get more views.
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  7. by   StefO
    Is there any sort of communication, perhaps in the for of an email, that I would be able to get confirming the acceptance of my article for publication?
  8. by   StefO
    Also, can the forum in which the article is posted be changed?

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