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Discuss: Welcome our latest Moderator: Tweety

  1. 0 allnurses is pleased that tweety has agreed to join the moderating team!

    a seasoned veteran who is well known to many and warmly welcomes newbies, tweety will be a great asset to our team.
    he will assist with our distance learning / independent study, florida nurses, health and stress management 101, introductions and greetings forums.

    congrats from the admin & moderating staff.
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    We are so pleased to have you on our team. I think, you are too young to be a legend, but you are certainly well know (enough to be one) in our community; you are well respected by staff and members alike.

    When I think of you I always think of your bountiful and warm welcomes to the newbies; thanks for being there.... a lot!

    Thanks for pitching in and stepping up to the plate.
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    congratulations tweety!
    another 'feather' in your cap! you will make an excellent moderator.
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    congrats! As a student you are one of the people that I have found very knowledgeable and inspiring as a nurse. You always have an opinion which makes the forums fun and interesting and you always have wise words for the "young".
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    Congrats Tweety. I too always found you extremely knowledgeable and helpful when I was a student.
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    Tweety is a Sweety!! Congrats!!
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    Welcome, Tweety! So glad to have you on board
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    Congrats Tweety
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    Tweety, you'll be a wonderful moderator. You're already such a great resource to us all here. Best wishes!
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    I thought tweety was already a mod...lol I guess Im behind!!
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    Congrats Tweety
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    :bowingpur :bowingpur :bowingpur Tweety

    Does this mean you won't have time to run for President?????
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    Congrats Tweety!!

    You'll make a darned-fine moderator!! Ummm....what Beary said....you'll still have time to be president won't you?????