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allnurses is pleased that tweety has agreed to join the moderating team! a seasoned veteran who is well known to many and warmly welcomes newbies, tweety will be a great asset to our team. he... Read More

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    Congrats Tweety

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    :bowingpur :bowingpur :bowingpur Tweety

    Does this mean you won't have time to run for President?????
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    Congrats Tweety!!

    You'll make a darned-fine moderator!! Ummm....what Beary said....you'll still have time to be president won't you?????
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    Congrats, Tweety!!! I always enjoy reading your posts.
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    Congrat's Tweety
    hope u'll do the best.
    God Bless U.
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    A little late, but congrats. You are making a great Mod.
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    well done Tweety, always enjoy reading your posts! You'll be a darn fine moderator babe!

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