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  1. 0 Please use this thread to discuss the Upgraded Forum Software announcement.

    You'll notice a change in some graphics, and a few other changes. I also added a several additional smilies. Please feel free to comment on the changes. Thanks
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    I love it! Thanks!:hatparty:
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    The one thing i don't like about it, is the envelope that's to the left of the thread. If you've posted in a thread before, it used to have a balck dot over the enverlope. Now there's a white arrow, which is very hard to see even with my glasses on.
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    Graphics look nice.
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    Love the new look...Thanks Brian!
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    Very nice and thanks!

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    I love it!! Especially all the new smileys........except I can't get the puking ones to do their thing.
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    I love how you keep the website fresh and easy to navigate. Looks and functions great Brian!
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    Looks fantabulous!!
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    :redpinkhethis one is my favorite. it looks like a valentines day cookie...with the jelly center...yum yum. the horse and the projectile vomiting is beyond horriffic.

    sucks. :chuckle
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    thx ~ cheers!
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    They're sweet! Thanks Brian!
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    wa! wa! maybe i didn't have my settings fixed properly before, but now the avitars and signatures are back. yeah!!!!! and love the new smilies too. great job, brian - thanks so much

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