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    'sfine. So long's I can find the forums I don't care. I WOULD like to see more responses per page, though.
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    (Who is Joe?)

    One idea: Maybe putting a "Welcome to All Nurses" sort of thing on the homepage? The current homepage doesn't look much different than the forums page.
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    Joe is our web/tech developer, he has admin account for tech purposes

    Actually, the homepage does have a welcome message if you are not logged in. Once you are registered and logged in, you do not see it. But that is a great suggestion anyway Marie Thanks
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    Ah, i thought Joe was someone that went by another username before or something.
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    Something for you think about with new design. What about us "old nurses" who are trying to survive, and realizing we can't retire, esp financially. That is unless you married well. Those of us who are 50, 60, and above who are still out there working. Those of us that were let go just a few years to go, to save the company money, after working somewhere all your life. Just a thought. Thanks, Nancy
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    thanks for the info and good luck w/ your nursing
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    Brian, I like the thanks option. Its a great way to show others that you value and take on what they are saying, and its really nice to receive them too. Makes it a bit more personal, but gives instant feedback as well.