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Discuss: Scheduled Downtime - Friday @ Midnight EST

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    Good News and Bad News

    The Good News is we are getting 4 new servers to help optimize the performance and improve your experience at allnurses.com

    The Bad News is that we will need to bring down the website for several hours during the process.

    We will be bringing down the server at Friday 11:59 PM EST. As soon as this process is complete, your favorite nursing site will be back up and running faster than ever

    Thanks for your understanding.
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    Thanks for letting us know!
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    i will try to survive the 'dry' period
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    Thanks Brian for all of your hard work for us. You ROCK !
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    any idea how long the server will be down?

    are we talking about several hours during the night......or a couple of days?
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    Wow FOUR servers to run the board now....remember when it was 1 computer.....boy have we grown.

    Based on previous experince with server moves, My crystal ball expects us up and running around 8AM EST Saturrday morning.

    Work wanted to upgrade agency server at SEVEN PM this past Tuesday.....my staff work till 9:30M most days. Told em not a good time and ....gasp.... they listened after IT sent my email to them. Couldn't tolerate 2 disruptions in one week. LOL
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    Are there going to be drugs available to help us deal w/withdrawl symptoms??
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    We who are happliy addicted to allnurses.com won't be so happy without our "fix". We might all have to flood the site with activity tomorrow in order to increase our allnurses dosage enough to get us through the down time without too many withdrawal symptoms.
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    Headline: "Woman Hospitalized After Allnurses.com is Made Temporarily Unavailable"
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    Yes, I do remember the days of one server You all crack me up Maybe I should get some big Pharm co. to come up with an allnurses.com patch or something? For these occasional short term fixes.

    Seriously, we are expecting 4-6 hours downtime, hopefully less. But cross your fingers and all goes smoothly

    We tried picking the slowest time of the day to bring the servers down, to minimize the withdrawl symptoms... but I know there are night nurses and night owls (I'm one of them, see the time this was posted ) out there, so we will work fast for you. Thanks again for your understanding.
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    Feeling withdrawal symptoms already, just on the anticipation of downtime...

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    Thanks!! But what time will allnurses.com be back online?