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    Yes, I do remember the days of one server You all crack me up Maybe I should get some big Pharm co. to come up with an allnurses.com patch or something? For these occasional short term fixes.

    Seriously, we are expecting 4-6 hours downtime, hopefully less. But cross your fingers and all goes smoothly

    We tried picking the slowest time of the day to bring the servers down, to minimize the withdrawl symptoms... but I know there are night nurses and night owls (I'm one of them, see the time this was posted ) out there, so we will work fast for you. Thanks again for your understanding.

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    Feeling withdrawal symptoms already, just on the anticipation of downtime...

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    Thanks!! But what time will allnurses.com be back online?

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    I don't think he knows exactly how long it will be down.

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    It's gonna be great---all these changes for the positive. Thank you for letting us know and I will try to find something else to do w/my Friday night (lol, sigh)
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    Do you realize how many "S.O.'s" are going to be celebrating tonight??
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    Well the site was back up at around 3am EST, the server migration went smoothly. Thanks for your patience everyone.
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    Just wanna say how happy I am that the site is back up and running smoothly.

    My withdrawal sx were not pretty...

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