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    Many of you were experiencing problems with the site tonight, we had some data base corruption, I believe (hope ) we fixed the problem.

    I don't think we lost any data, but there were several duplicate post and threads, which we are in the process of trying to fix.

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this problem may have caused. I know how frustrating it is when you have a post all ready to go and poof, you get an error message.

    We are in the process of rebuilding the search index, so the search results may not be the most accurate for the next 24 hours. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
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    Almost went ballistic when I lost my second post 2nite so can understand our members frustration.

    Gave me a chance to do some needlepointing.....take that away along with allnurses..........perish the thought!
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    I'm glad the site was down for a bit - gave me time to study anatomy. Otherwise, I would have been on here all night and never would have read about the wonderful world of neurons.

    But I sure am glad it's back.
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    I'm still getting errors today.
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    "server is too busy..." I can't handle it. I want my Allnurses!!! LOL
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    Yep, still getting errors. My posts are hit or miss.
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    I'm still getting errors and it's beginning to make me mad. I started the GM thread for Friday, went back to post a response and I get an error message.

    Is there a timeline when this problem will be fixed?
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    Earlier today I got the "server down" message . . .. no problems so far tonight.

    I am amazed that there are not more problems . . seriously - we are rarely having to deal with any online glitches and for that I thank Brian and his crew.

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    I check this site at least once an hour every day (only exception is when i'm getting chemo or at some other doc's office) and the last two days i've gotten the "server busy, please try later" about half of the time. however, i'm incredibly stubborn, so i just keep trying and i get through usually. I agree with tweety...LOL! I need my Allnurses!
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    stuff happens

    no problems
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    I had server busy a lot yesterday, and didn't even know if my posts went through. Checked today and they did. I noticed the search feature is more accurate with the software upgrade.
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    It's working fine today. I lost some well written posts yesterday! I discoverd that you can refresh and retry and the post will eventually go through.
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    Thanks for everyone's patience through this process. It took nearly 2 days for the server to re-index all the post (nearly 2 million) during that time, I had to limit the servers processing power to the forum so it would not crash the server and have to start all over again

    I know it's frustrating, believe me, I feel your pain. The server appears to be running smoother since the changes and search indexing is done.

    Hopefully, you will notice the improvements, it appears that the last few posters have Thanks again for all your comments and feedback and understanding, have a good weekend!

    Growth is good but sometimes growing pains sometime are not fun
    Looks like we need to begin shopping for more servers
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