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    I guess I gotta learn to check here for problems!
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    Quote from TazziRN
    I guess I gotta learn to check here for problems!
    That is why I always just click on :yeahthat: "New Posts" . . .(look up).

    That way I get the most current threads. I rarely go to an actual forum.

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    So far, so good today! I'm still trying to copy all my posts before I submit them -- just in case
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    Is the search function fully restored? Because I've been searching for an old post (one of my own) and can't seem to find it using the "advanced search" function.
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    It's better today than ystdy, and ystdy was better than the day before. I haven't gotten a busy server signal yet.
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    I got the busy server message today.
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    Busy signal x2 days
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    Its 9:26pm, still having problems lost 2 replies that I tried to submit, and lost website 3x. I was also having problems yesterday if this helps you. Good luck!
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    I had more problems today, with the same message: server busy. Is anyone still having problems, or is it just me??
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    Just FYI: I'm still getting a lot "server is too busy" messages for over a week now.


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    Quote from lizz
    Just FYI: I'm still getting a lot "server is too busy" messages for over a week now.Thanks.
    Me too! I understand when there are problems there is nothing we can do but be patient. Are we outgrowing our space? Do we need to chip in some additional funds to allow for more space? I for one would not mind making a contribution to the cause. Thanks! Joanna
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    Lots of problems today. Different than back in January. Lots of "page not avail-DNS server" messages. Could not get on any website, not just allnurses. Three hrs later, encountered problems about 4 times until the allnurses site finally came up. Each came with a warning msg that gave faulty code areas. Until I finally got on, I was beginning to think that my newly "Nortonized" computer had contracted a crummy worm, or infection of some type. Am still getting page not avail-DNS error messages when I try to load certain pages. Hope this can be worked out in the long run.

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