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    I had server busy a lot yesterday, and didn't even know if my posts went through. Checked today and they did. I noticed the search feature is more accurate with the software upgrade.

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    It's working fine today. I lost some well written posts yesterday! I discoverd that you can refresh and retry and the post will eventually go through.
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    Thanks for everyone's patience through this process. It took nearly 2 days for the server to re-index all the post (nearly 2 million) during that time, I had to limit the servers processing power to the forum so it would not crash the server and have to start all over again

    I know it's frustrating, believe me, I feel your pain. The server appears to be running smoother since the changes and search indexing is done.

    Hopefully, you will notice the improvements, it appears that the last few posters have Thanks again for all your comments and feedback and understanding, have a good weekend!

    Growth is good but sometimes growing pains sometime are not fun
    Looks like we need to begin shopping for more servers
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    I guess I gotta learn to check here for problems!
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    Quote from TazziRN
    I guess I gotta learn to check here for problems!
    That is why I always just click on :yeahthat: "New Posts" . . .(look up).

    That way I get the most current threads. I rarely go to an actual forum.

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    So far, so good today! I'm still trying to copy all my posts before I submit them -- just in case
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    Is the search function fully restored? Because I've been searching for an old post (one of my own) and can't seem to find it using the "advanced search" function.
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    It's better today than ystdy, and ystdy was better than the day before. I haven't gotten a busy server signal yet.
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    I got the busy server message today.
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    Busy signal x2 days

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