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please use this thread to discuss this announcement: premium membership and recent changes to the forums thanks admin note added: after further consideration, it would have been better to give a warning, so i will be... Read More

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    well.......i didn't know all this was taking place until i tried to change my "signature line" and was puzzled as to why i couldn't change it. soooo...now i know. i've been a member here several years, posted many threads, responded to many threads. i've laughed, cried, and debated with many users of this site, yet still love being able to come to this site which offers many educational tools along with threads of laughter among nurses and non-nurses. i've been able to gain support, and offer encouragement to others at this site. i appreciate the opportunity to be a part of so many people around the world. it's amazing how many "hearts and lives" are touched here each day! it's still great to have this site as a "cyber-home" away from the "real world drama" we so often face.

    we may not ever meet one another in the flesh, but many hearts and spirits have touched base here at allnurses. i will continue to come to this site for these reasons, and as soon as i can afford to pay the membership dues, i will. i rarely use the current event or breakroom forums, but i like knowing that i can partake of those forums when i have the notion to do so....purely for laughs, love, and entertainment.

    my only objection to all this is like many others: at christmas???? where's the heart in it all???

    like many of you, i am also struggling financially paycheck to paycheck, so cannot join right now. this information just hit me at the wrong time. the holiday season is the absolute worst time of year to spring "political change" on so many unsuspecting members....new and old alike.

    brian...thank you for your apologies, and thank you for the extension granted until after january 2nd. now...may i pleez be granted use of the two forums in question and the permission to change my signature line until after january 2nd when i can hopefully financially afford to add another annual debt to my already recurring debts?

    again...much thanks!

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    I agree with Leslie. Is it not possible to just do away with the games? They're certainly not nursing related, and there are other websites that offer games for free. Although I haven't posted in the Break Room, or the morning thread yet, I agree that it should remain available to all. People are very passionate about this. I'm a premium member. I wasn't bothered by registering, but I am bothered that maybe too many positive things may change, and those are the reasons I became a member in the first place. I understand how expensive it is, not to mention time consuming to keep a board like this up and running. I will do what I have to to contribute and keep it going. I just don't want to at the expense of others. Perhaps this can be worked out for the benefit of all, but, in the spirit of friendship, is it possible to keep some of the threads free? I also think the "scholarship" or "gift" idea is great. In truth, the only wayI was able to pay was with my Christmas money!
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    Brian and moderators -

    Thank you for those explanations, that helps make things more clear. When I tried posting in the BreakRoom last night and I couldn't I had no idea why, so I agree some warning would have been better, but I do commend you for admitting that was a mistake.

    I truly enjoy this site and I've learned so much in the 2 short months I've been a member here. I know it must take a lot of work. I enjoy all the different topics available, the search feature makes finding things so easy and less time-consuming, and I feel safe in posting here unlike some sites where people fight with each other. I also thank you for the option of a student rate of $15. I was planning on becoming a premium member, but not until after I graduated. But now that the rate is lowered to $15 I will try to get that much together, I know the $9 difference doesn't sound like a lot... but $9 buys over 50 packs of Ramen noodles! lol So I thank you for taking student finances into consideration and giving us a discount.
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    Thanks Brian for the explanation and being humble enough to admit you are human.

    I meant to join for some time now but am a terrible procrastinator. I can see your point about the CE and BR threads if they do take up 1/3 of the bandwidth (not something I'm certain I understand but I'll get Ted to explain it to me :chuckle

    Regarding the games - I really don't play them but I'm sure someone would not like it if the games were removed. You can't please everyone.

    Maybe the timing was off and an announcement would have been better (which you have admitted and rectified) ... but otherwise I think it is perfectly acceptable that you are asking for a small yearly membership fee and that all the nursing areas are still available for free.

    Again, thanks for working so hard to make such a great bulletin board. I've really enjoyed my time here and will continue to do so.

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    i think also one of the problems that some of us as just stupid internet junkies didn't get was that the breakroom was any different than any other board. i mean i usually posted stuff there like my we're off to see the wizard thread because i thought breakroom just meant, like lighter side, i didn't think it was made any different i didn'think it was strictly non nursing issues.

    (side note i really like this thread and would not want to loose it so will it be moved to some other forum so that i as the op can still revive and post to it occassionally?)

    i also thought that the recent adddition of posting nursing jobs and resumes' was another source of income for the site which i thought meant you were doing well.

    i mean what if in general nursing forum everyone started doing something sort of equivalent to the good morning thread like

    today's issues:

    where we all still went to discuss how our days have gone and what we have on our plate. if this took off and became the most visited forum would that then become a premium member forum?

    just trying to figure out what the real issues are.

    as far as the word games if they eat bandwidth then just stop them, i can see how that would take space unecessarily, i think if we had a choice of stopping the christmas story thread, and the accronimity and make up a total lie about the poster above you, we could all see the sense in stopping these because they are just so much mind fluff.

    i think the real reason that most of us come here is to chat with like minded people and vent and get opinions on issues that we really need second opinions on.

    yeah the arcade is fun but not necessary. i like a few of the games but honestly i can find them elsewhere.

    so perhaps if we are truly a community and we are made aware of the issues and what is driving them then we can be more supportive.
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    We have an arcade???!!

    I had no idea. Probably because I'm not a game person.

    Yeah, I'll vote for getting rid of the Christmas Story thread and all the Acronimity and word game stuff ... .

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    Quote from stevielynn
    We have an arcade???!!

    I had no idea. Probably because I'm not a game person.

    Yeah, I'll vote for getting rid of the Christmas Story thread and all the Acronimity and word game stuff ... .

    As a premium member you still have access, you should check out seal bounce it is hilarious and a great stress reducer.
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    I know soooo little about bandwidth and bandwidth usage. What little I do know though is that it is not just things like the long word game threads but also pictures and worse is when pictures posted here are linked by some fly-by-nighter to another board somewhere then that starts chewing up bandwidth.

    As I said I am no expert - just know what I have picked up in casual conversations about this issue - neither am I the one though that actually pays the bills - that is Brian and I know he has looked into this before.
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    Brian, I'm sorry about all the "this and that" that this change has caused. I have to admit, I was initially frustrated by this. However, your willingness to postpone all the change until January demonstrated to me a "good heart". In turn, I had to look at my own heart. I really believe in this service. It is educational and supportive to all who join and/or take part. I just want you to know that I just went through Paypal and my emoney should be on my way to you. Sign me up as a "Premium" member. I also agree with someone who asked, what about a "lifetime membership" down the road as another option for some? Thank you.
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    Quote from CCU NRS
    I mean what if in General nursing forum everyone started doing something sort of equivalent to the good morning thread like

    Today's issues:
    The problem with that is that it's not a general nursing topic. Part of our jobs as mods is to make some sort of effort to keep topics sorted out. Allowing non-nursing topics in the nursing forums would invite more. That can be very frustrating for the many posters who come here just to discuss nursing issues. We've also made a conscious effort to keep the more controversial non-nursing news stories in the current events forum to keep the break room a lighter place.

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