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  1. by   boulergirl

    Public Disagreements with Administration/Staff or Guidelines
    You agree that if you disagree with allnurses.com website policy or action of a staff member, you will not post public arguments or disagreements nor attempt to petition the owner/administration to change policy through posts, polls, email, PM or any other service found within the allnurses.com Website. If you disagree, you may respectfully post your comments in private in the feedback forum where only Admins and You can see the your conversation.

    Umm, okay, if this be the case, this entire thread violates the rules.

    Oy vey...I'd better go reread my policy agreement.
  2. by   Tweety
    Quote from brian
    after further consideration, it would have been better to give a warning, so i will be opening both the break room and the current events forums until jan 2nd. give me a few minutes to re-open the forums and modify the announcement.

    sorry for the error in judgement. (i'm human)

    happy holidays!
  3. by   Tweety
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    And above all, this isn't my own personal site, so i don't feel that i have the right to complain about what i got for free for the past year and a half.. The owner will run it however they choose to and for whatever's the best interest, they are the one that invest the time, thought, and money to getting it started in the first place, and if i didn't like it, i didn't have to stay.

    Not saying that to be mean, just the way i feel

    I don't think you're being mean. I think that's an excellent attitude.
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Yes, it would have been better to give us warning that we would not be able to post in Current Events and Break Room, without premium membership.

    I found out when I tried to post and kept getting the message that I couldn't.

    Perfectly undertstandable, however, that you would need to start charging to stay affloat.

    One problem that I've encountered is that when I opened a job seeker acct., I got numerous spams asking me to apply to be a hospital CEO, lol, and I had to block messages from the jobseeker acct to my email.

    Love the site, and spend a lot of time here
  5. by   Nemhain
    Quote from brian
    I really appreciate the kind words and understanding of you all who realize that this is a large website with large bills. Our monthly expenditures for servers, backups, upgrades etc, bandwidth charges, tech support, email servers, etc... all of which are not cheap, I've been running this site for going on 8 years, never asked a member for a dime of support until we started the premium member program a few months back. I truly do appreciate all the premium members who have contributed.

    Sites that survive on advertising alone are far and few between, I've been successful and keeping a fairly low overhead, but online ad spending/revenue is slowing down in general. I thought that this would be a way to help cost of the servers, and at the same time allow the members of the site an opportunity to contribute to the site that they enjoy.

    Nearly 1/3 of all the bandwidth charges we pay each month come from these two Non-nursing forums. A big portion of the servers processing power is used for these forums, they are popular forums, but they are not nursing related.

    When I started the non-nursing forums, I was hesitant, because I didn't want the financial resources of company to be funding non-nursing related off-topic discussions. This is what has happened. Which is why I finally made the decision to put them in the premium forums? My mindset was that, if you want to discuss non-nursing content, those members who get their enjoyment, support etc... from the forums to help ease the burden of the cost that they are bringing, some of you may think I am wrong for thinking that way, but that was my mindset. I'd rather not even consider closing the forums, as many people enjoy them, myself included.

    Looking back at how I surprised everyone, with this, I realize now that it was a mistake; I should have warned the community of such change. I apologize, but I am human and I can admit when I make an error.

    I am not a huge corporation, I am, me, myself and I, (and a bunch of great volunteer moderators and co-admins). I need to have a viable business strategy to maintain our growth and the well-being of the website and the company.

    I hope this helps you all understand more about the situation. Please pardon any grammatical errors, as I am a little sleep deprived at the moment
    Thankyou for the explaination. This would have saved a lot of early morning drama...but better late than never!!!!

    I have a few suggestions (i hope i don't get burned at the stake...)
    1)would deleting threads that haven't been touched in at least 2 or 3 years help? That may save on space.
    2) Also, I have a friend that runs a school website based soley on donations. She is surprised at how much money she gets each year. You could have a sticky at the top of each forum.

    one more thing...Will you accept a money order as payment for Premium Member status? It's as good as cash....

    thank you
  6. by   Brian
    Quote from Nemhain
    Thankyou for the explaination. ....
    one more thing...Will you accept a money order as payment for Premium Member status? It's as good as cash....

    thank you
    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll keep them in mind, as for the money order, yes, that would be fine, just be sure to indicate your username along with your payment so we know which account to credit.
  7. by   shel_wny
    It makes me kind of sad to see so many kind, warm, friendly people so upset and feeling betrayed. I wish there was something I could do. Perhaps we could all chip in a buck or so for chris_at_lucus_rn to get a premium membership? I know it's not the point but could it help? I'm just a wee student without much money or time to sit here and chat. A premium membership for me is not viable. I don't have $15 to spare, but I do have $1. The power of many? I do love the site and I think the people who come here often are top-notch (earle58, fran, chris, smilingblueyes, tweety to name just a very few). I've received much support and love at some of the times in my life where I just felt like giving up. I enjoy being able to have fun in the break room as well as being able to comfort those who have experienced great losses in their lives. Losing the ability to laugh along and console is sad, but so is life. All good things are bound to end sometime!
    As for the member agreement that says we have no freedom of speech to voice the bad stuff...I think that's pretty sneaky. That's all I'll say about that...
    I know it's sort of a pickle and I see both sides quite evenly.
    I'd just like to voice my opinion and volunteer my dollar to keep a sweet soul around.

  8. by   gwenith
    The clause about not complaining was originally a way around some of our more spectacular "drama queens" who in the past have tried to hold the moderators and administrators to ransom demanding that "their" threads not be closed/moved and if we dared to they would pick up their marbles and leave and take a lot of people with them.

    At present we are aware that this has come as a shock to the system for many many people and have left this thread here as a way to allow you to express opinions.

    Brian HAS listened and has acted on those suggestions. To be honest I belong to a board that is only for Mods and Admins and the poor income generated by Google ads is a common complaint. See unlike TV where an ad costs x much regardless of how much money it makes in the computer world the money is generated only if you click on the ad and READ it. (sneaky aren't they). Brian has kept this site free for a long long time and in particular has allowed far more than many other sites in the size of Avatars, signatures and even the "word game" threads.

    A lot of sites do discourage the "word game" threads because every time they load they take up bandwidth and since they are often quite active the upshot is a lot of bandwidth used.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    brian has always desired this to be a nursing focused bulletin.

    the break room and current event forums have attracted some bb members who only come to those areas and do not contribute elswhere to the bulletin board or patronize advertizers. other bb members, non-nurses joined only to play the word games. that has not how brian has wanted the bb to evolve.

    the decision to add these forums to our premium member area, which will help support the cost of maintaining these areas and minimize just gamers (and some trolls) is what the administrative team decided to do for the best interest of the board. these two forums are the only ones being affected---out of over 150+ areas (i just finished counting)---many other areas for friendships to flourish.

    keeping the bb cost in perspective:

    in philly area:
    vending machine coke/pepsi/bottled soda = $1.00
    mc donalds sandwich alone = $2.59
    specialty coffee = $2.99
    14 '' pizza = $12.99

    so skipping the snack and soda machine at work, detouring around mcdonalds, and having soup instead of pizza just two times per year is more than enough to pay for one year membership.

    feedback on this issue can be also be provided in site feedback seen by admin team only.
  10. by   leslie :-D

    then why not eliminate the games as well as other interventions that would help reduce costs?

    my contention is that the good morning thread should be open to all, regardless of whether they've paid dues or not.
    and the benefits gained through this particular thread far outweigh any other setback that the administration deems costly and unsubstantial.

    i feel safe in saying that it's only the good morning thread that people are taking issue with....the sense of belonging that creates these bonds only through this thread are going to impact not only those that have been informed they have to pay for this, but if you've noticed all the views that the good morning thread receives on a daily basis, will certainly impact allnurses when there's just a handful of members left and is going to impact allnurses popularity.
    and i disagree...out of the 150 that you've counted, it is only the good morning thread where such connections are made.
    reminds me of the show 'cheers' where the title song includes 'where everybody knows your name'...
    it is truly unfortunate that such connections will now only be based on whether you can/will shell out the $24. really sucks.
  11. by   manna
    Would there ever be a possible "lifetime membership" cost that we could participate in, instead of having to pay yearly?
  12. by   live4today
    well.......i didn't know all this was taking place until i tried to change my "signature line" and was puzzled as to why i couldn't change it. soooo...now i know. i've been a member here several years, posted many threads, responded to many threads. i've laughed, cried, and debated with many users of this site, yet still love being able to come to this site which offers many educational tools along with threads of laughter among nurses and non-nurses. i've been able to gain support, and offer encouragement to others at this site. i appreciate the opportunity to be a part of so many people around the world. it's amazing how many "hearts and lives" are touched here each day! it's still great to have this site as a "cyber-home" away from the "real world drama" we so often face.

    we may not ever meet one another in the flesh, but many hearts and spirits have touched base here at allnurses. i will continue to come to this site for these reasons, and as soon as i can afford to pay the membership dues, i will. i rarely use the current event or breakroom forums, but i like knowing that i can partake of those forums when i have the notion to do so....purely for laughs, love, and entertainment.

    my only objection to all this is like many others: at christmas???? where's the heart in it all???

    like many of you, i am also struggling financially paycheck to paycheck, so cannot join right now. this information just hit me at the wrong time. the holiday season is the absolute worst time of year to spring "political change" on so many unsuspecting members....new and old alike.

    brian...thank you for your apologies, and thank you for the extension granted until after january 2nd. now...may i pleez be granted use of the two forums in question and the permission to change my signature line until after january 2nd when i can hopefully financially afford to add another annual debt to my already recurring debts?

    again...much thanks!
  13. by   OBRNinTN
    I agree with Leslie. Is it not possible to just do away with the games? They're certainly not nursing related, and there are other websites that offer games for free. Although I haven't posted in the Break Room, or the morning thread yet, I agree that it should remain available to all. People are very passionate about this. I'm a premium member. I wasn't bothered by registering, but I am bothered that maybe too many positive things may change, and those are the reasons I became a member in the first place. I understand how expensive it is, not to mention time consuming to keep a board like this up and running. I will do what I have to to contribute and keep it going. I just don't want to at the expense of others. Perhaps this can be worked out for the benefit of all, but, in the spirit of friendship, is it possible to keep some of the threads free? I also think the "scholarship" or "gift" idea is great. In truth, the only wayI was able to pay was with my Christmas money!
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