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please use this thread to discuss this announcement: premium membership and recent changes to the forums thanks admin note added: after further consideration, it would have been better to give a warning, so i will be... Read More

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    You can still post in all the Nursing Forums, the only forums that are affected are the NON-Nurisng forums (Break Room and Current Events) QUOTE]

    so sad, i'll surely miss the break room (esp. the "morning thread")
    anyway, thanks for the info brian.:uhoh21:

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    I do think it a shame that we didn't get any notice of these changes. With changes going of in my life I was going to wait until I moved to the US before I joined premium. Guess I am going to have to join sooner
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    I'm glad the general forums are still free.
    Thanks and I understand that this is getting costly.
    I'll just miss participating in the Current Events and Break Room forums.
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    Thank you for AllNurses. I have been without any source of income for over a year, and being home so much, the discussions have been very helpful in staying in touch with the nursing world.
    I only wish you would have chosen something other than the current events forum to limit postings. It is my favourite, and without ANY income it would be at least a few months before I MIGHT be able to afford even the $15 student rate. Couldn't you include unemployed and retired nurses at the student rate? :kiss
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    I agree that it wasn't a good idea to just spring this on us at Christmas without a warning. I loved this site but do not believe I will be coming here anymore and that is too bad. I also think a lot of others will be leaving. BB's have always been free as long as I've been surfing. Back in the days of modems there were certain charges if you dialed into someone's house but those days are long gone. I'm shocked and I believe a lot of others will be as well. I will miss a lot of the peeps I have became friends with through here, however. Merry Christmas to you all and I will see you at the next free board that pops up as I'm sure one will come up. By the way, it doesn't cost THAT much for domain usage etc. *hugs* to PresC and the rest of the gang
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    Nursefeelgood take care and email me if you would like akcarmean@hotmail.com

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    i'm sorry some of you feel upset that we should have given you a notice. but these forums are not nursing related and this is a nursing website. all the nursing forums are free of charge.

    if you want to discuss non-nursing topics, you still can, you just need to pay a nominal fee of $2.00 a month ($0.06 a day) even less if you are a student to use these forums help pay for the expense of these non-nursing forums.

    please do not post your disagreements publically, respectfully post your comments in private in the feedback forum.

    from our terms of service that you agreed to:
    public disagreements with administration/staff or guidelines
    you agree that if you disagree with allnurses.com website policy or action of a staff member, you will not post public arguments or disagreements nor attempt to petition the owner/administration to change policy through posts, polls, email, pm or any other service found within the allnurses.com website. if you disagree, you may respectfully post your comments in private in the feedback forum where only admins and you can see the your conversation.
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    Hey, Charlotte and PresC, don't know if I will be able to get premium membership at this time, but did want to say I will really miss you guys on the Good Morning thread.
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    Hi, as I am possibly (no, still haven't decided 100%) moving overseas next month, and won't have access to a computer for ??don't know how long, was holding off on joining the premium membership.

    Now find myself unable to post in the Break Room, and just want to say to everyone that I am thinking of you all, and will have to wait till I know what I am doing before I possibly see y'all again.

    Love ya all -
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    These sites cost a lot of money to run and they are a lot of work to keep running. The time and effort is that is put into the great site is certainly appreciated by me. Premium Membership is a good idea for revenue. It allows extra perks for those who pay. I just don't understand why we weren't given any notice. A few weeks notice would have been nice given it's the holiday season. It would have given me time to save.

    take care everybody!

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