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please use this thread to discuss this announcement: premium membership and recent changes to the forums thanks admin note added: after further consideration, it would have been better to give a warning, so i will be... Read More

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    Quote from Franemtnurse
    we just love one another, and would like to keep this going. Without this, I have only me.
    ((((((((((((((fran))))))))))))) :kiss :kiss :kiss
    God bless you!

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    You guys have huge hearts!
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    I am interested in supporting allnursing.com. The question I would like to make in terms of type of payment is in regards to the 'Encryption Level' there at what I will call Home Base. I would appreciate a short email, and will then choose appropriate method. Thanx.
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    FYI: I just added about 100 xmas related avatars for premium members to choose from, here is a screenshot on 25 of them:

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    Quote from brian
    FYI: I just added about 100 xmas related avatars for premium members to choose from, here is a screenshot on 25 of them:

    Thank you so much, Brian. That was very nice of you.
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    Just a FYI for those of you who are complaining about the cost....

    I belong to tolkienonline.com. A premium membership there is $5.00.....A MONTH!! And premium members don't get NEARLY the same number of perks that Brian is offering. About all you get is the custom sig, access to My Buddies and a chat feature.
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    Love the holiday avatars, Brian - Thanks! Makes the whole board seem festive with all the Christmas avatars floating about!

    Although, I'm a little partial to my own little guy so I'm not changing just yet! :chuckle
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    How do l close the treads l've started in the break room? If possible Brian can you close the treads that l've created, as l don't want my email filled with posts that l'll be no longer aloud to reply too. If not please delete my account alltogether.
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    I think if you go to the bottom of the email and look for: "Unsubscription information" ... you can stop the email notifications.
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    to unsubscribe from all threads, i.e. stop all email notification:

    1. go to user cp

    2. select edit options, go to middle "messaging & notification "

    3. under "default thread subscription mode", drop down menu choose
    "do not subscribe"

    to unsubscribe from a single thread
    1. go to user cp

    2. on control panel click list subscriptions. click inside checkbox of thread you want to stop getting emails about, go to bottom area and in drop down box choose delete subscription, click on go ----done!
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