Discuss: PLEASE welcome mjlrn97 (Marla) to the Moderating Team!

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    I hope I am not stepping on Brians' toes, here, but I want to make welcome Marla to the allnurses.com "Mod Squad" .......a VERY wise appointment made on Brian's part, if I may say so.

    Welcome, Marla, we are fortunate and very glad to have you on board as a moderator!


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    Congratulations Marla!!!
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    Congratulations, Marla...you'll be a great mod.
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    I give a hearty !!!

    Know you'll make us proud !
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    OK, now the feline is definitely out of the petroleum-based collection receptacle: Yep, I was asked to join the "Mod Squad" a couple of days ago, and I very happily accepted.......it's an honor, and one I will work hard to be worthy of.

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. You guys are the best!!
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    Did YOU THINK you would be able to hide out forever??? HAHAHAH nope.

    I am very proud to have you here as a mod, Marla.
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    Way to go Marla!!! You'll be a great mod!
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    This pics especially for you Gramma Marla! :kiss

    :hatparty: :flowersfo
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    congrats and uhoh

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