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Discuss: New xmas smilies!

  1. 0 Discuss the smilies announcement here.
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    I love 'em!! Thank you, Brian!!
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    :Snowman1: They're great, Brian!!! Thanks!
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    I do love them. Only problem was choosing which to use.
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    :icon_idea very cool brian, Thanks!
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    i love those christmas avatars! :santa3:
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    :Snow: I love them.
    Are we going to get that big snow storm in the East?:icon_evil
    Hope not!!
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    They are really nice
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    :Snow: I think they are awesome! Thanks! :Snowman1:
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    The Christmas smilies ROCK Brian - Thanks for the holiday cheer!!


    Fa - la - la - la - la


    La - la - la - la
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    :Santa2: Too cool Brian!! :Holly3: Thanks!! What a site!! :Reindeer:
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    Where the heck do I access them?????? I don't have them with my reg. smilies..