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Discuss the smilies announcement here.... Read More

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    Quote from Hairstylingnurse
    Where the heck do I access them?????? I don't have them with my reg. smilies..
    They are in there with the regular smilies

    click on [more] in the smilies box on the right to bring up the smilie list

    scroll down :Santa1:
    and you will see them under the regular smilies.

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    :Santa2: :Snowman2: :Snowman3: :Present2: :Present1: :Santa5: Thanks sooooooooooooooooo much:Santa5: :Snow: I feel like a total spaz , but now I have my christmas cheer. Thanks :kiss RNICU:roll :Reindeer: :icon_roll :icon_mad: :icon_mrgr :Santa1: :icon_cool :icon_evil :angel2: sORRY i WAS SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED ME AND MY KIDS HAD TO TRY A BUNCH OF THEM HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE:Singing: :Singing: :Singing: :Singing:
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    :Ball: :Snowman1:

    Love the new smilies.......but where did my avatar go???
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    Quote from RN~in~CT
    :Ball: :Snowman1:

    Love the new smilies.......but where did my avatar go???
    Avatars are now one of the many perks for premium members.

    You can read more about the premium membership at:

    Glad you like the new smilies
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    I'm late in the game because I just noticed them. But I LOVE them. They are too cute. :Santa1: I just had to use one.