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    My question in relation to "foul" language etc.......
    We here in Oz use words which are peculair to us Australians. We use "slang" words frequently during the course of our speech. More often than not, those words are NOT offensive, insulting, racist etc. Cartainly NOT to us Aussies, anyway. lol. So, how will you monitor our posts insofar as whether or not the post contains words you folks "up there", might deem offensive, racist, insulting?, when in real terms, the words are very much part of our Aussie vernacular?

    For example, you folks use the term "fanny" to describe a persons backside. Here in Oz, the word is used as "slang" for; genitalia/vagina. Hence, to us, it's probably offensive to have someone say or write that word. How do we get around that?

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    Quote from ktwlpn
    imagine my surprise-i used a pretty tame four letter word in a pm and got an automatic warning.,...(you know the thing they build across the river to stop the water and make a pond?
    hmmm... the word damn is not in the censor word list, i'm not sure what you are referring to? maybe i'm not good at the whole 4 letter word puzzle that you gave maybe there is a glitch in the system? where you got warned by the auto bot when you shouldn't have???

    if you have a question or a dispute to a warning, please respond to the warning and we can take a look into it. the system is new, and it's not perfect and we will try and work our way towards imporiving it. thanks
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    admin note: please do not discuss your warnings in this thread, if you have a question with a warning or think that there was an error, please respond to the warning. thanks
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    THanks<brian-I'll do that.I wasn't really complaining about it here-just telling my tale........
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    This is the first time I've come across this thread, so I read it in its entirety to see how it unfolded. I'm glad to hear the "public warning" part has been cancelled.

    I'm sure as time passes, the kinks in the "warning system" will be corrected. Fun and learning can take place without the brutality of dirty language or insulting phrases. We are adults, so we should be held to that level when communicating with one another. Afterall, we are not only adults, but we are either entering a profession or already working in a profession that calls for us to be sensitive to others feelings and lifestyles. It's NOT all about us! Out of the mouth can come evil or good..........let's choose good.

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