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    Quote from gramtear2003
    hi am from the philippines and i just registered here a few moments ago...

    just wanted to say hi...
    Hello, gramtear2003,:Melody:

    I want to welcome you to Allnurses.com

    How about introducing yourself in the "Introductions and Greetings" section here:


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    I have to echo what has already been said, being a mod is like being a nurse....you learn new things daily. I also agree, it requires a new way of thinking when modding the boards. I just want folks to know that nothing is rarely done without us mods discussing it. You may see one moderator posting a rebuttal, a reply, or assigning points on a particular post or thread, but it has been discussed. I just wanted folks to know this. And also, we have an excellent team of mods and admins. We all benefit, myself included, from the staff we have. I just can't say enough. Also, since my short time being a mod, I learn daily from our wonderful posters. I moderate 14 forums myself. I see alot, see trends, and get to know how folks tend to post (sense of humor, tone, and personality) from forum to forum. I am also ever so appreciative of feedback and/or PMs from members...the good and not so good. I am there to help, to assist, and to grow as a member just like yourself...but, just with a little extra duties thrown in there. I only make one request...post respectfully. If folks do that, my job becomes so much easier.

    Thanks folks.

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    wolfy....you and the rest of the mods should take credit where credit is due. :chuckle i think you guys (and gals!) are doing a great job.

    keep up the great work!


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