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    Hi brian, Thanks for the new chat room.
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    Quote from debbieGa
    I like the new criteria. I have noticed a few trolls in the chat room. This will keep a few of the ones that I have seen out!!.
    I loveyourcandle quote.Deb( same name)
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    Hello. I just finished my finals and i made it. I joined so I can communicate with other nurses to gain information just about everything i can. So hope to talk to some of you soon.. Im posting so i can gain access to chatroom also..
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    anyone can help me how to use the chatroom? im a new user... please help me..
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    What's the difference between live chat (link at the top of the page) and Flashchat (seen in the Quick links drop down menu)?

    I have never been able to log into the Chat room (something on my end) but I am able to log into Flashchat, but I can only be in one room...
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    It's the same thing, cardiac.
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    Quote from siri
    It's the same thing, cardiac.

    But I'm only allowed in the lounge...the other rooms don't click open.
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    yeah that does stink that one bad seed had to ruin it for everybody.
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    oh wow, i didnt see that new rule. because i was trying to log in and i couldnt and they said that i needed more than 15 posts to be able to chat. now i see. hehe
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    I've never heard the term troll before..what do they do??
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    After a long haul of recovery from a misdiagnosis I am finally learning how to post and look forward to the chat room for knowledge and friends. I really miss working, but will always be a nurse!