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    Quote from danibanani
    congratulations! even though i've not seen silverdragon on my end of the student corner-- tweety has been wonderful!

    great choices.
    tend not to visit the student corner except to the nclex forum as nursing in the uk is done differently to the us and don't want to confuse anyone with answering questions differently to how you would do things. may pop in to have a look :spin:

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    I'm trying to think of something witty and sarcastic but i'm drawing a blank here.

    Good choices and congrats to some fine workers!!!
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    Congrats Tweety, do you remember me the stupid computer girl?(I'm tryng tho!). And to you Silverdragon102, so very glad to have you here with all of us!!
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    Geez, have I been under a rock & just not noticed? Congrats to you both!
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    congrats to you both
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