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    Quote from spongebob6286

    can anyone teach me how to have allnurses in my mobile phone and pda??
    You just have to have a phone or PDA with internet access and a web browser. Then visit http://allnurses.com/forums/ in your mobile browser.

    Quote from akcarmean
    I tried to pull up allnurses on my cell phone the other day. It came up correctly but wouldn't let me log in. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? or What I am doing wrong?

    Hi Angie,

    I'm not sure why you could not log in? Your username and password are CaSe SeNsiTiVe, is it possible you didn't type something exactly? I just tested and it worked out for me? I'd try again, and see if you can get it.

    If that doesn't work, maybe your mobile browser is not set to allow cookies? See if you can change that setting?

    Hope that helps.

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    I've pulled up the mobile version of the site on my iphone, so that part is working.

    The text however, defaults to a tiny tiny point size, something like 1 or 2 point. Usually, on an iphone you can "zoom in" on text to make it larger, and this does, in fact work on allnurses. However, the lines aren't "wrapping" within the textbox, so you end up with bigger text but having to move the page back and forth. It's not really usable. There's no setting on the iphone to adjust this on my end - either the default text point size or the text wrap.

    Hope this helps,
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    The mobile version works perfectly on my Sidekick. The only thing that I really
    miss is the ability to look at my account, and my own subscriptions. Any chance
    that we will be able to do this in the future? It would be a great time saver.

    Otherwise, I love it. Just wish I had a few moments at work to check in...

    Oops, never mind, I figured it out!
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    You all are awesome. Just want I was looking for a mobile version.
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    as usual, I'm a day late and a dollar short

    ----but, here I am, the premier subscription is renewed and now it's on the blackberry:typing--

    Now, you'll have to get an smile with a handheld!

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    Hi. I'm looking for the instructions for mobile phones on this website. Just seems to go to a thread. The videos have been great. I may have to get a job in Lafayette. Is it OK if I post questions about the places that I am applying to? I don't want to break the rules. Everything else has been great. Thanks
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    I'm so addicted to this site. I'm ALWAYS logged on from my PDA!

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