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  1. 0 Please discuss the following announcement in this thread:

    I have recorded a 4 minute video demonstration on how to use our Nursing Live Chat Feature.

    allnurses.com Video Tutorial
    Please press the play arrow to begin the video
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    I haven't chatted in several years. The new chat looks nice and the demonstation looks easy to follow. I'll check it out live myself soon. Thanks!
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    I must be dense as a stump. It looks the same to me or am I looking at the wrong place?
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    I asked Brian to creat Chat video as had so many questions about using chat in forums...it's the same chat software since 06.
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    Then I've not chatted since sometime in 2005. It looks really nice now. It used to be very simplistic.
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    Just fixed the video, should be working now.
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    Hellooo .. everyone!
    I am trying to respond to the invitation to join the club again, but experience some difficulties. (tried to watch the getting started video or chat with a member, but failed)

    May I continue?
    Please send me an email!
    Thanks in advance!
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    The video should be up and running now

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