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  1. by   sirI
    Hello and Welcome to allnurses.com!!

    Quote from Dakota.825
    I am also having rouble trying to find/retreive any responses to my questions. Why are there blue checkmarks by my posts, while all the others have "sticky pins"
    I think the info here is awesome, but I am having trouble finding it.
    Please help
    Blue check marks mean that you have posted and are subscribed to a thread.

    Sticky pins are only found in threads that are "stuck" at the top of the forums. These have nothing to do with your posts.

    Please review the helpful video tutorials about how to navigate the site. You'll find they answer a lot of your questions: http://allnurses.com/forums/f246/

    To find your posts, click on your name and scroll to, "Find all posts by Dakota.825".
  2. by   Lovetobenurse
    I am new to the site and I appreciate the video . I love to see so many nurses sharing thier stories.