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    Hi everyone,

    You may have noticed the forums were closed for a few hours this morning. We updated the forum software to the latest version. We will be working over the next day or so to get all the features back in place.

    Thanks for your understanding as we are working hard getting your favorite nursing site back up and running smoothly

    Once we get things back up and running, I'll post another announcement with details to the new features etc...



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    The sub-forum titles are smaller and more scrunched up than they used to me. They might not be as noticeable to new people as it was before.
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    Is the little box's in the lower left hand corner new and what do they mean...One says furl this post.. I'm not sure I would want to do that to anything..lol:roll:roll:roll
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    Furl's another word for puke where i live.
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    Um what happen to the countdowns cause mines gone?
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    Ah, here is the announcement.

    Furl is the opposite of unfurl as in we unfurled the flag to display it on Veteran's day.

    "Hurl" means vomit where I live.

    Explanation in order for the 4 little boxes . .

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    OH NO!! Please bring the countdown back!!!!

    Quote from Cherish
    Um what happen to the countdowns cause mines gone?
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    Also all the other goodies under my name are gone like specialty and how long have you been a nurse.....
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    We are working on all the features I am pretty confident the countdown will be back soon

    As for the icons, furl etc... I posted a wiki link here: http://allnurses.com/forums/f8/hey-w...os-189570.html

    Hope that helps.

    Thanks for your patience with the upgrade
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    I did not realize I was so addicted to this site cause I truly believe with all this change I'm gonna need some type of all-nurses therapy!!!:roll:roll:roll

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