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    Rainy, go to "forum jump" below and click on Nursing Blogs/Journals.
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    Quote from siri
    Rainy, go to "forum jump" below and click on Nursing Blogs/Journals.
    Thanks Siri. That's how I ended up finding it today. I guess I was spoiled when it was in the quick links up at the top. The breakroom was even in there too. That was nice and convenient .... I miss that.

    Thanks though!
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    I don't like the automatic news feed.

    If an article isn't interesting enough for somebody to read it and comment on it, then it isn't interesting enough to clog up space.

    I recommend that y'all keep an eye on how many of those autonews feeds have no responses, and if the number is at or stays above 50%, and if the total number with less than 5 responses stays above 80%, as I suspect,

    Then I'd suggest disabling that function.

    Or, whatever criteria you want to develop. But, I think this is not such a great service.

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    The news feed has created a couple of duplicate news postings.
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    thanks for your feedback on the newsfeed. Yes, the newsfeed is something I am tweaking and evaluating. It was an accident that you could see that forum I thought only staff could see it
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    Thank you thank you thank you for putting up that quick link to the journals up at the top!!!!!!!!!! That's what I've been looking for for so long now ....... yaye it's back!!
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    You're welcome