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Discuss: Article Contest Results

  1. 3 please discuss this announcement in this thread:

    we had a wonderful launch of our nursing article section. thanks to all of users who posted the wonderful articles!

    below are the results of the article contest! all winners will be sent their prizes via paypal!

    most submitted articles:
    1st prize $300 - bugaloo (6 articles)
    2nd prize $100 nmsane (3 articles)
    3rd prize $60 $100 43rn20 (3 articles) since there was a 2-way tie with 3 articles, both members will get $100

    most voted articles:
    1st prize $100 the patients who break your heart by mjlrn97
    (21 votes, 4.66 avg rating)

    2nd prize $75 what being a nurse has taught me by bugaloo
    (20 votes, 4.75 avg rating)

    3rd prize $60 - respect and religion: learning a lesson by sicu queen
    (15 votes, 4.93 avg rating)

    congratulations to all the winners! thanks to everyone who submitted articles!
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    Congratulations to all!
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    What a great start, Congratulations to all who took part but especially the winners
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    Congratulations to all!
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    WOW!! I'm so excited and honored! Thanks to all who voted, and congrats to the other winners!!
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    Congratulations, everyone!
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    wow!!! you like me........you really like me!!!

    sally field references aside---thanks to everyone who voted for my article, and a huge congratulations to all the other winners and participants!!! there is so much talent here that everyone benefits........as far as i'm concerned, you are all winners!!!

    happy holidays!
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    congratulations, everyone!

    i knew we had some great authors out there.


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    Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated in making this activity a big success.
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    Congrats to all of you who submitted articles!! I learned a lot from reading what you had to say.
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    I am so happy!! Yeah!! That was a lot of fun! Congrats to all of the winners!!